Toys of Dukeness

Please read if you are interested :) 본문


Please read if you are interested :)

Minions-fan Dukeness

I left the community.

I will probably never return to the Sims community again.

I will not mention the reason. 

I keep play my sims in my style.

So I will continue to this blog.

I have closed all means of communication.

This is just my personal diary.

Poses and some CC is my gift. Just for my hobby.  

I can't guarantee the quality. Please use it as you like.

However, there is no need to do unnecessary re-upload, you know.


I respect to all CC creators and all of Sims players.

Thanks to you, I enjoy Sims every time.

There may be a lot of words without heart.

But you are loved by so many people.

Please show us a lot of your wonderful senses.

Very cool people with talent.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.


My friends gave me a lot of love. Thank you.

But... I may really miss your love.


I wish you have a lot of happiness!